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Stand: Gold Sponsor

To work at AWE is to play a valuable part in keeping our country safe and secure. For more than 70 years AWE has supported national security by delivering warheads for the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent. We also use our unique skills to support Government in delivering counter-terrorism and nuclear threat reduction solutions.

We employ around 6000 women and men undertaking some of the most important work to deliver our mission. We have some of the most brilliant people, working on some of the most complex challenges: scientists, engineers and business professionals from all kind of backgrounds, in all kinds of roles, working together to achieve things like no other company. We are a team of remarkable people achieving extraordinary things.

With some of the most advanced research and production facilities in the world, AWE is a place where you can grow your knowledge with extraordinary challenges, unparalleled responsibility and unique technology.

The work we do makes a real difference, nationally and locally. It is vitally important work that we’re proud to do. 

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