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London Job Descriptions

Senior Communication Manager

Counter Terrorism Policing Stand: W29 Gold Sponsor


Responsible for leading and delivering the National CTP communications strategy.   Building partnerships with senior leaders from across Policing, Business Community, Media and Government.

Development of communications campaigns, across a range of communication specialisms to deliver internal and external behavioural change which supports the protection of the public from CT.

Analyse and apply national, regional, and local audience insight to develop, refine and deliver communication campaigns.


  • Manage the communications budget including budget planning, setting and allocation of resources and monitoring expenditure to ensure best value for money.
  • Ensure that Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) external communications reach and influence the audiences that matter most to our CT mission of keeping our communities safe from terrorism across the North West.
  • Provide expert advice to senior leaders and be central to promoting and enhancing the effective use of communications across all of CTP’s work.
  • Perform a leading role in building a Communications Centre of Excellence across CTPNW and contributing more widely to the professional development of the national communications network.
  • Lead, motivate and support the CTPNW Communications team.
  • Define, develop, and oversee the creation of a regionally based internal communication strategy, which accounts for lead force and regional priorities, and that can be measured against for effectiveness.
  • Lead and oversee a regional communications advisory group, creating a strong communications network for CTPNW.
  • Establish excellent relationships with senior stakeholders both internally and externally, including with law enforcement partners, government, business, charity, and other groups.
  • Use multiple communications disciplines to lead national and regional programmes of communications activity.
  • Analyse and apply audience insight to develop communications strategies and campaigns that lead to real world outcomes and behaviour change.
  • Understand the importance of brand and deploy the “ACT” (Action Counters Terrorism) brand in campaigns to increase impact.
  • Balance strategic planning with hands-on delivery and use your relationships with internal and external partners to dramatically scale up the reach and impact of your work.
  • Actively engage in local, regional, and national CT exercises & planning, ensuring relevant communications objectives are built in and regularly tested.
  • To work closely with the CTPNW Head of Change to ensure that national, regional, and local change programmes are effectively built into internal communication platforms.
  • Take active steps to lead the regional communications response to CTPs shared commitment to valuing and actively promoting inclusivity, diversity, and equality.
  • Bring passion, energy, innovation and creativity to communications and its ability to deliver against the CTP mission.
  • Lead and drive organisational learning within communications to promote the team’s ability to continually evolve.
  • Create a strong and effective partnership network, across of range of internal and external partners. The ability to prioritise and maintain these partnership arrangements and work collaboratively with them to deliver CT communications campaigns.
  • Deputise for the National Communications Senior Leadership Team as required.
  • Develop, analyse, and contribute to a national communications performance framework.
  • Work closely with the lead forces Media team and become the CTP communications conduit between operational matters and media management.
  • Ensure appropriate, relevant, and timely briefing of Regional Chief Officers and CTPNW Leadership Team providing clarity on emerging communication issues, trends, and risks.
  • Understand the needs and views of communities across the UK using information to set strategic level community engagement plans.
  • Represent the CTP network at a National level at appropriate meetings and forums including the National Communications Network, the NPCC Communications Advisory Group and the Association of Police Communications Network.
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