Exhibitor Press Releases

18 Nov 2021

UK Government and European Space Agency select CGI to develop a hybrid satellite communications and terrestrial network demonstrator for trains

CGI Stand: S1

CGI will work with IT partners Icomera, Isotropic Systems and 5G3i, alongside Network Rail, and rail operators ScotRail, Northern and LNER, to explore how hybrid networks, based on multi-bearer 5G technology, can improve network availability while offering better value for money than existing solutions. 

SODOR will deliver the following:

  • Improved on-train communications for employees and passengers, with network aggregation for 3G and 4G and a roadmap for 5G a choice of satellite constellations dependent on bandwidth and location to ensure a reliable signal
  • Cost-effective communications, including tools to optimise network selection based on cost and performance
  • Operations and management portal
  • Internet of Things sensor solutions to support connected train monitoring

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