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NBTC Police Operator

Counter Terrorism Policing Stand: W9 Gold Sponsor


To monitor persons entering/leaving/transiting the UK in relation to UK Border Security by providing accurate and timely information to police forces and other agencies across the UK in support of crime, national security and other policing purposes.

To exploit information available in the E-Border system and multi-agency databases to assist in providing information to investigating officers.

To liaise with partner agencies including the Security Services providing informed advice on the best use of data held/functionality of the NBTC.


Alert & Rules Based Targeting Management

Using the systems available:

  • Monitor, investigate and develop matches for Watchlisting and RBT profiles from the e-Borders system.
  • Identify matches for both known and unknown subjects for further action, develop them through interrogation of police and other agency databases to identify, extract and enrich available information.
  • Identify the most appropriate route for dissemination of alerts/NIR’s, ensuring they are prioritised and dispatched in sufficient time to achieve the desired operational outcome.
  • Liaise with police and other agencies to ensure the action proposed meets current operational requirements.
  • Prepare intelligence and intervention alerts to forces and other agencies.
  • Have an operational understanding of the Prevent Programme, Operation Sprite, Operation Whittle and the Pre Departure Check Scheme and their relevance to role and investigations.

CT, Safeguarding and Operation Sprite

  • Provide advice and support to OIC’s to identify the most operationally beneficial route to support their investigation providing an immediate response where required.

Data exploitation

  • Provide subject matter advice on the capability of the National Border Targeting Centre to support UK’s national security, policing enquiries and investigations.
  • Devise searches and interrogate Home Office, Police and partner agencies databases to identify SOI’s, associates & patterns of behaviour in the travel process to produce a factually accurate report to support investigations and customers.

Data management

  • Manage, record, secure and disseminate all data in accordance with relevant legislation and policy. (CPIA, DPA, MOPI and HRA) and in accordance with NIM.


  • Maintain good working relationships and liaise with internal partner agencies as well as key external agencies to maximise operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Represent NBTC within the wider Police family, CT Network, National and International partners and other Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Participate in research, design, development, scoping and test activities associated with IT relevant to role.
  • Maintain knowledge of national, regional and local intelligence requirements and the national emerging and residual threat.
  • Undertake ongoing evaluation and review of profiles, events and operations and associated products to ensure they remain focused and valid.
  • Quality assure requests for information ensuring they are appropriately authorised and conform to NBTC criteria.
  • Support Border Force operators when they are dealing with police related cases.
  • Support development and test activities associated with all IT platforms.
  • Comply with the National Crime Recording Standard and minimum investigative requirements (Police Officers only).
  • To promote and comply with GMP's policies on health and safety both in the delivery of services and the treatment of others.
  • Comply with and promote equality legislation and GMP's policies on diversity and equality. Take steps to eliminate unlawful discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations.
  • To comply with the requirements of GMP's policies on Drug and Alcohol testing – requirements in respect of specific posts/ roles are described in the policies which are available on the Intranet/SharePoint.
  • To fully participate in GMP’s development review process.
  • If you have responsibility for staff; to manage staff development, performance and attendance using appropriate GMP policy and procedure.
  • To carry out such other duties which are consistent with the nature, responsibilities and grading/rank of the post.
  • All staff and officers must adhere to and comply with Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Human Rights legislation and the Authorised Professional Practice (Information Management).  It is the responsibility of all staff and officers to maintain data quality and security. Therefore when inputting, updating and using GMP information, you are to ensure that it is Accurate, Adequate, Relevant and Timely (AART), and that it is used / disclosed for business purposes only and kept secure.  The most current guidance and advice in respect of compliance with the legislation and information / records management standards can be found on the Information Management Intranet site/Information Services SharePoint site.
  • Supervisors and managers have the additional responsibility of ensuring that staff undertake the appropriate training and fully understand and apply the required Force policy, procedures and information / records management standards in the course of their duties. Supervisors and managers should ensure that staff / officers understand their responsibilities in maintaining data quality and security and have appropriate processes in place to monitor compliance.
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