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11 Oct 2021

PMO Administrator

Elbit Systems UK Stand: S9


The Project Management Office provides common Project Control processes, documentation, training, and oversight of all projects. The role of the PMO administrator is to support Senior PMO staff and keep things organised. The PMO administrator shall control documents, facilitate communication between the project office and stakeholders and collect data to meet reporting requirements. 


PMO administrator will manage and control documents, such as form templates, meeting minutes, reports, plans, and schedules. As PMO staff members update these documents, the administrator ensures only the latest versions are available for use by PMO team members. Properly controlling revision levels prevents team members from making decisions based on old or incorrect information. The administrator also manages the PMO central SharePoint repository to keep the content organised and user friendly 

The PMO administrator will coordinate and schedule training classes to advance the skills and capabilities of P3M staff and educate employees about changes to work processes resulting from the projects the which are being managed. If the training is conducted in the workplace, the administrator co-ordinates all logistics, including reserving of conference rooms along with the necessary technology for the training session 

Communication is a key responsibility of the PMO's administrator. The administrator regularly distributes information to project team members, PMO staff members and other stakeholders in the workplace. 

Administrators oversee the establishment, creation and distribution of reports and will ensure any templates are available in the BMS and/or the relevant P3M folder. The PMO is responsible for presenting status information for all projects to leadership teams. Reports show project status and health, resource availability, cost management and performance metrics. The administrator will help, and support Project Controllers collect data, update reports and release information to meet Project deadlines and monthly reporting drumbeat. 


Responsibilities include:  


  • Support the development, implementation and updating of resource allocations plans (other than finance) needed for projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios, taking account of availabilities and scheduling. Any additional tasks to ensure the success of the role and support to the Business Unit within ESUK. 

  • Support the Identification and monitoring project and/or programme and/or portfolio risks (threats and opportunities), planning and implementing responses to them and responding to other issues that affect projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios 

  • Establishing, and implementing where necessary, protocols to change the scope of projects and/or programmes and/or portfolios and updating configuration documents as required 

In line with ESUK’s Baseline Security requirements, candidates will be asked to provide evidence of identity & eligibility to work in the UK.  

Person Specification 

  • MS Office Competent 

  • Well Organised 

  • Good Communication 

  • Basic knowledge and awareness of Scheduling 

  • Basic understanding and awareness of Cost Control 

  • Basic understanding and awareness of Risk & Opportunity Management 

  • Basic understanding and awareness of Change Management 

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